If you plan to travel by car to central Europe, you have to consider if you want to get a ferry or drive a tunnel to cross the canal LA MANCHE. Both ferries and Eurotunnel are a good way of traveling between England and the continent, but the differences may be due to our own needs and preferences.

 Both the ferry and tunnel could be our attraction in itself, but ferries have more to offer. Most ferry routes between France and England to Dunkerque - Dover and Calais - Dover. The ferries are taken, all vehicles regardless of what they are driven (EUROTUNEL doesn't  allow  cars with autogas) and usualy it's cheaper  than EUROTUNEL. Crossing time from 1.5 hours to 2 hours from Calais to Dunkirk. During the trip, you can walk on the observation deck on the outside or to sit in the cafe overlooking the sea and the white cliffs of Dover. On board, you can also do the last shopping souvenirs. Parents with young children  can take advantage of special areas for children's play. Ferry is much longer than the transit tunnel, but  more relaxing, especially if we still have a long ride to the our goal. If you use the other ferry routes to and from England, than to Dover then on longer routes from the Netherlands, France or Belgium, you can expect more attractions, such as on ferries Amsterdam - Newcastle are in a casino, cinema, live music, observation marine life or swinging. Sporadic (depending on wind strength) also experience the rocking of the ship on routes to and from Dover.

More about the benefits on  ferry sites.

In the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone and Calais  a car drives into a large wagon train. Despite the name Eurotunnel, it is not a traditional road tunnel. When traveling by train can leave the car and use the toilet, but the amount of space in the cars is limited. Additional experience can provide the fact that we will go to a depth of between 45-70m beneath the bottom of the Channel, which is about 90-115m below the surface. Eurotunnel trains travel at an average speed of 100km / h, which gives about 35min drive between France and England. It is noteworthy that the tunnel cannot use cars powered by LPG.

LPG Adapters

When travelling to another country, you will need an LPG adapter.  Different countries use different adapters but there are three main types. The following table shows which adapter is used in various countries in Europe - click here


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