There are various different options for the installation of the LPG fuel tank. The majority of vehicles have the tank installed in place of the spare tyre. In many cases, you can retain the original trunkcover plate and do not sacrifice any boot space. You can also opt for a maximum range by installing the biggest possible tank.

  1. Cylindrical tank against the rearseat.
    Gross contents up to 140 litres for a maximum range are available.
  2. Cylindrical tank along the length of the vehicle. Positioned on the left-hand side or right-hand side of the vehicle.
    Gross contents up to 140 litres for a maximum range.
  3. Sunken installation. Gross contents up to 88 litres. Is installed in the place that usually houses the spare tyre. No boot space is sacrificed.
  4. Installation underneath. Gross contents up to 95 litres. 

 instead of spare wheel inside, 


                     left side


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