You can put together your own set of LPG. Below parts you need to have :

-LPG TANK + multivalve + gas solenoid, reservesensor + wirings, filling adapter, filling valve + fastening.

-Pipes :air pipe 4mm, gas pipe 5mm, gas pipe 6mm, gas pipe 8mm, gas pipe 12mm, water pipe 16mm-19mm, pipe fitting, T joint for coolant pipe, tie cable, clips.

-Reducer + temperature sensor + mapsensor + filter + gas solenoid

-Injector, inlet manifold nozzles.

-Controller + wiring + OBD Adapters.

-leak tester.

-notebook + dignostic program + intrface.


We sell everything except : notebook, leak tester and tools. Call us and buy parts you need.


tank ZC  KopiowanieCylinder Tank 

stelaz ZC  KopiowanieCylinder fastening

tank ZTW  KopiowanieToroidal tank internal

tank ZTZ  KopiowanieToroidal tank external

wielozawor 30 st ZC  Kopiowanie Tank Multivalve

fle p   Fuel level emulator

waz lpg  Kopiowanie PCV gas pipe

waz woda  Kopiowanie water, gas pipes

kolanko faro  Kopiowanie  pipe fitting

koncowka faro  Kopiowaniepipe fitting

nakretka faro  Kopiowaniepipe fitting

zawieszka faro  Kopiowanie pipe fitting


minikit ac    simple MINI KITS - 4 cylinders engine  

**MINI KIT contains - autogas controller + wires, reducer,gas solenoid, injectors, filter, map presure sensor,(OBD adapt.- temperature sensor, clips,inlet manifold nozzles. 


reduktor ac r01  REDUCER AC01 150HP 

reduktor ac r01 250  RERUCER AC02 250HP 




**picture shows 4 pieces on rail. The Rail purchased separately.

hana rozdzielacz  Kopiowanie HANA injector 



reg fas   INJECTOR OMVL REG fast 



stag 300 isa2   Controller only + wires STAG 300 IS2   more info


stag 300 premium  Controller only + wires STAG 300 premium OBD  more info


jlm  Kopiowanie JLM Valve saver KIT 

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