1. Tank
2. STAG-300 premium controller
3. Gas injectors
4. Solenoid valve
5. LPG/Petrol switch with indicator
6. PS 02 pressure sensor
7. Gas filter /volatile phase/
8. Reducer



STAG gas injection controllers

STAG gas injection controllersis a modern and technologically advanced electronic design which enables communication with the most advanced petrol controllers. It controls gas injection based on sequential or non-sequential fuel injection.

The most important features of the offered controllers:

  • smooth and comfortable drive,
  • can be installed in cars with 1 to 8 cylinders, including turbo and Hemi,
  • pass strict Euro 5 norms
  • 3 D map,
  • cars fitted with STAG technology keep the same properties as petrol powered cars


Listwy wtryskowe HANA H2000

Injection rail

is a device dedicated to precise  administration of LPG/ CNG in the volatile phase to the engine cylinders.

We use the following injectors:


AC reducers

Dedicated to the volatile phase sequential gas injection systems.

There are 2 reducers :

up to 150 horse power


up to 250 horse power.

For engines with more power we use 2 reducers.


  • brand new solutions,
  • compact size and easy to install,
  • rotating connection stub,
  • performance stability,
  • smooth working pressure control.


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